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“Your wedding is just a scenery, it is what you make of it that is a real story… »


Do you remember cult films that made you cry for hours, each time you watch them? Such harrowing films that you had goose bumps, that you got chills invading your body, or on the contrary, that made you smile with no reason, scenes that made you laugh out loud and that brightened up your day so far as to alter your mood? This is a reality, those films touched you to the point that they overwhelm your whole life.

We wish to make you relive those emotional moments… But this time, it is through your film that your guests will shiver for hours. This is why we create authentic memories, to the reflection of your story. We capture the most beautiful smiles, the quirkiest glances, the power of each feeling, the intensity of your love and the authenticity of your union!

​​​​​​​I Constance & Sofiane I Unconditional Love TEASER I France, Lille, Belgium

​​​​​​​I Jin Ligun & Chay Yves I Soul of love TEASER I  France, Sainte-Gemme-Moronval

I Fabi & Stefano I Vita & Amore TEASER I Italy, Sardinia, Pula, Destino dinora

​​​​​​​I Fabi & Stefano I Italy, Sardinia, Pula, Destino dinora

​​​​​​​I Lucile Joseph & Reggie Plein I An Endless Love I France, Paris

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​​​​​​​I Chloé & Xavier I Addicted to you, TEASER I Belgium, Tournai

​​​​​​​I Céline & Jérémy I A Thousand of Love Feeling TEASER I  Belgium

​​​​​​​I Cenel & Melek I You and me Against the World TEASER I  Germany, Belgium, Renaix

​​​​​​​I Gwen & Nico I Glimpse of Love TEASER I Belgium, Templeuve

​​​​​​​I Susanna & Antoine I Australia, Sidney

​​​​​​​I Sanaa & Maurice Pierre I La Belle Vie I  Belgium, La Truite d'Argent, Froyennes

​​​​​​​I Erika & Thibaut I Bella Come Sei I  Belgium, Liège

​​​​​​​I Mélanie & Florian I My oxygen, my half, my life TEASER I France, Paris, Manoir de mon Père

​​​​​​​I Laetitia & Olivier I Chateau Premesque, France, Lille

​​​​​​​I Morgane & Jerome I Cheers I  Belgique, Ferme de Coquialont, Waterloo

​​​​​​​I Jessica & Toon I 26 10 19 I Belgique, Gent

​​​​​​​I Fati & Salim I Dar Dada, Maroc, Casablanca & Marrakech