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“We like simple and authentic things, traveling, meeting people and telling nice stories, nice feelings, your feelings…”


We like what we do. With our pictures and cinematic wedding films, we write down your love stories, of common life, and your feelings,

in a very special manner for your generations to come. We are VNCI.

In this blog, you are going to see some couple stories that we followed. We write down weddings across the world as a team or individually.  Make sure that we are the ideal partner and contact us to start your adventure today!

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Do you want photographers and video makers for your wedding? You do not want them to be just service providers?

You want them to be close to you? You want them to be like guests or even like friends?

You want them to give you tips, to help you to planning this big day?

Do you like natural snapshots and exposures?

Records that reflect the feelings of your day, real and sincere images and videos.

So here we are for you!

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We love what we do. With our films and pictures, we write down your unique love stories. We overwhelm your memories of tomorrow for the generations to come.

We tell you love stories in pictures…​​​​​​​

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Le Manoir de Mon Père - Paris - France

In June, we attend a very special wedding in Paris – France.

This couple welcomed us as friends, as if we knew each other since the earliest childhood.

It all started with a recruitment of a service provider for their wedding. We are so grateful to be able to assist this special day with those great persons,

not only because they trusted us to transform their memories of tomorrow but also because we had to attend the event like guests.

Thank you, Mélanie & Florian. We wish you every happiness!

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GHENT - Belgium


Today, we are going to Ghent to live Jessica & Toon’s wedding. 7.15PM, the VNCI team is packing up and going during an exhibition when suddenly, Jessica and Toon come running.

​​​​​​​We were literally touched by Toon’s marriage proposal (during a basketball game that was shown on a big screen) but also by the compliments they offered us about our capability to photograph a mixed couple. Since then, we arranged to meet in Ghent – Belgium, in order to film and photograph their love story.

​​​​​​​A religious celebration and captivating speeches, reassured us in our vision that love is unique but also that it lies in each and every one of us.

​​​​​​​A friendship arose on that wedding day in Ghent and we thank our couple of the day for that.

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Château de Bourgogne - Estaimpuis - Belgium

We immediately fell in love with Vanessa & Christophe at our first meeting.

We were totally excited about this wedding in our country, Belgium. They had booked a wonderful place (Château de Bourgogne) near Lille (France). They celebrated the ceremony with their close family and friends, but with the hearts filled with sorrow.

The wedding day, we were told that they just lost their best friend 3 days before. This day was particularly dedicated to her. We were totally charmed by Vanessa’s dress. Goodness, how Christophe and his witnesses were handsome too. After a ceremony rich in emotion and a wonderful reception with live and happy music, we ate and danced under the light.

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The greatest happiness lies in the unexpected… Even though Cenel and Melek had no reason to meet, their paths crossed during holidays, binding their lives for eternity.

In Turkey, far from his everyday life, gone for relaxing, Melek never thought he would meet the love of his life, by the pool, under the coconut trees.

Cenel turned out to be the long-awaited soulmate, the rare gem, the spark that made him a captivated and happy man. They chose to say yes in Belgium, highlighting their origins, proving their families that love is beyond all frontiers and cultures. 

Salons Montovani - Oudenaarde - Belgium / Germany


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The sea, the sky and Sardinia will be enough for their happiness.

As wedding photographers and video makers, we get used to work with all kinds of couples. One of the nicest couple sessions that we have had was with Fabi and Stefano, in Sardinia – Italy. Both wanted pictures showing the depth of their mutual love. The pictures of couples are one of our biggest strength. Consequently, we opted not only for one, but for several different places. Early in the morning, at the Destino Di Nora Hotel, then to the edge of the cliffs and finally in the city of Pula. The morning light to show the affection between them. The skies, the sea and rocky landscapes formed an amazing background. The craggy panoramas, sweetened by native grasses, formed an ideal setting for adventurous shots, underlining the intensity of their feelings.

Destino Di Nora - Pula - Sardinia



Ferme de Coquiamont – Waterloo

 How wonderful was this wedding in Waterloo!


Love is the strongest passion above any other one, because it simultaneously touches the head, heart and senses. It has been a very emotional day of music, dance, joy and sun. This experience is unforgettable for us all.

Morgane & Jérôme, you are just wonderful. We are so grateful to you for having let us attend this beautiful day so that we could turn your memories of tomorrow into images and for your generations to come!

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Sainte-Gemme-Moronval - France

My God! What a weekend they gave us! 

Our two soulmates Jin and Yves celebrated their love in a wonderful mill in the Paris region. During our first exchanges, they answered to our question:

​​​​​​​“What’s the most important for you?” “To have a wonderful time with our families and friends.” 

​​​​​​​What should we reply to that answer? Well, we will follow you and joyfully illustrate this day that is yours.

​​​​​​​Everything was simply amazing. As soon as we got there, the atmosphere was warm and happy.

​​​​​​​Family has always been livening things up. It was a great weekend! Thanks to the both of you!


Reportage photo mariage
Reportage photo mariage


Dar Dada - Marrakech & Casablanca - Maroc

Une envie forte de se prouver qu’il reste aujourd’hui encore des aventuriers , incite Fati & Salim à changer de continent.

Direction Montréal, ville canadienne animée et exaltante où tout reste possible. Mais avant ce départ, un besoin les anime , un devoir également. Celui de remercier le Maroc en faisant leurs adieux.

Ce pays qui leur a tant offert, les a fait grandir, s’aimer, fonder leur famille.

Fati & Salim, nous ont donc contactés 5 ans après leur mariage pour réaliser ce shooting after wedding dans le but de ne jamais oublier qui leur a tant offert durant ces nombreuses années. Maroc, je t’aime.